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Getting a traffic ticket is never pretty but you would be a little relieved to know that California happens to be one of the nine states that allows you to contest your traffic ticket by mail. You do not have to take time off from work and go to court. This process is called “Trial By Written Declaration” or TBWD and it is briefly described on the ticket. Also, if you contest using this process you do not lose any options. You can still attend traffic school (provided a judicial officer approves it) or you can have an in-court trial where you question the officer in person. But writing your TBWD is another matter. It needs to be clear, concise and must convince the judicial officer reading it about your innocence. Otherwise you are found guilty and you are back to square one.


We have been writing, mailing and processing TBWDs for all our clients. When you do something over and over again, you tend to get a little better at it. So much better that we are willing to offer you our golden guarantee. Your ticket is dismissed or your money back.

Click here to see our money back guarantee. You might say we have perfected the art of writing TBWDs. In most cases your ticket is dismissed and you never hear from the court again.


Our fee is among the lowest in the industry. Frankly, you do not need a high powered firm to do this work and therefore do not need to pay astronomical fees. Legal document assistants like ourselves can do the job and you save a lot of money by hiring us. Isn’t that the reason why you are reading this in the first place?


We handle your case with utmost care. Every piece of mail to court is sent Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation so that we know when it is received by the court.

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