Welcome CA Driver!

Let us prepare a Trial By Written Declaration and send it to the court for you. This legal procedure is mentioned right on the ticket you got so it is completely legal. We have been dismissing traffic tickets by this method for many years. The law considers it the same as going to the court. Your ticket gets dismissed and you will not have to go to the court, pay the fine, attend a boring traffic school or gain ugly points on your driving record. LA traffic ticket or a ticket you got anywhere in California, we are experts at getting your traffic tickets dismissed. We build a solid, irrefutable defense so that your ticket is dismissed and you don’t have to pay the fine. That alone will save you hundreds of dollars. Also, since the whole process is handled using tracked mail, you don’t have to take the time off to go to the court either.  We handle all the details so that you can be worry free. Our service is available in the entire State of California. Whether you have a Sacramento ticket or San Francisco ticket or LA traffic ticket, we are here to help. Here you get one on one service and we are cheaper than the other guys too. With our money back guarantee you don’t have much to lose. So give us a call now at (800) 301-6220 or email us at moe@TrafficTicketsDismissed.com.