Traffic School


This is a government regulated program designed to train drivers on how to drive safe. It lasts for about 8 hours and classes could be taken offline at different locations or online. You can pay traffic ticket online as well. Traffic school helps strike off the effects of a ticket point on your record from incurring an increase in your insurance rate as the insurance companies can only view the point but cannot act with it.


Eligibility to attend traffic school depends on the judge in accordance with certain guidelines as specified by the California law. These guidelines are;

1. You have not attended traffic school in the last 18 months.
2. You have basic traffic infraction.
3. You are not a commercial driver.

Although the law stipulates guidelines for eligibility, the final decision for approval or denial depends on the judge.


Traffic school comes with certain fees which are the court’s traffic school administration fee and the actual traffic school fee. But the good news is you do not have to pay these fees while during the process of fighting your case. That is why we are here for you, to help you get your traffic cases dismissed.
What if I want to attend traffic school for previous ticket?
Though there is duration from the time of verdict to the time of request and attending the school, the final decision on denial or approval depends on the judge. Therefore, it is not be a bad idea to make a request to be allowed to attend for previous ticketing and see if the judge will approve of it.

Who we are

Legal Assist LLC is a team of traffic law experts helping drivers to get their traffic ticket cases dismissed by the court and avoid going to traffic school, hence, saving them the cost of paying for both the ticket and the traffic school.
How we help

We help you fight your case. We can write a declaration statement at your discretion requesting that if you are found guilty that you are permitted to attend traffic school. In situations where the judge did not include traffic school information in the verdict, we can assist you by providing a letter to send to the court requesting that you be granted approval to attend traffic school.

Why worry about traffic school yet? You are considered guilty when you attend traffic school. We suggest you fight your case first; we can help you dismiss your case and avoid the cost in ticket fine and traffic school. Traffic school should be the last option after all available options have been tried.

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