Money Back Guarantee

Your traffic ticket is a legal case and no one wins 100% of legal cases. Even though we try our best we lose a few cases for various reasons. If that happens we refund your fee after deducting a small amount for our expenses. Helping customers dismiss their tickets is all we do so we have a bit of expertise in it. We could not survive for 7 years in the business if we could not get the tickets dismissed and save you hundreds of dollars.

Utilizing our services does not cause you to lose any options. If we are unsuccessful, not only  that we will refund your fee as described above, but you can request a brand new court trial where you get to cross examine the officer who wrote the ticket. We will prepare you about what to say  and what not to say in the court. You can also go to traffic school if you are otherwise eligible.

Call us today at (888) – 610-2466 or email us at  We are happy to answer any questions you may have.