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Let us prepare a Trial By Written Declaration and send it to the court for you. This legal procedure is mentioned right on the ticket you got so it is completely legal. We have been dismissing traffic tickets by this method for many years. The law considers it the same as going to the court. Your ticket gets dismissed and you will not have to go to the court, pay the fine, attend a boring traffic school or gain ugly points on your driving record. LA traffic ticket or a ticket you got anywhere in California, we are experts at getting your traffic tickets dismissed. We build a solid, irrefutable defense so that your ticket is dismissed and you don’t have to pay the fine. That alone will save you hundreds of dollars. Also, since the whole process is handled using tracked mail, you don’t have to take the time off to go to the court either.  We handle all the details so that you can be worry free. Our service is available in the entire State of California. Whether you have a Sacramento ticket or San Francisco ticket or LA traffic ticket, we are here to help. Here you get one on one service and we are cheaper than the other guys too. With our money back guarantee you don’t have much to lose. So give us a call now at (800) 301-6220 or email us at moe@TrafficTicketsDismissed.com.

Delinquent Tickets

If your court date has passed and you have not responded, your ticket is now delinquent.



In the eyes of the court you did not keep your promise to appear, a promise you made in the presence of a law officer who gave you the ticket. This fact is clearly mentioned on the very top of the ticket which says, “Promise To Appear”. Courts do not take this fact lightly and they immediately proceed to “punish” you for breaking your promise. Generally the court would add $300 to the usual fine for failing to appear. In Los Angeles area, as of this writing, the courts will also forward your ticket to G C Services, a court appointed collection agency, for further collection activities. The behavior of G C Services is what you would expect of a collection agency. They are there to collect money and not render justice. If you were sick and missed the court date, too bad. G C Services will ask you to pay up.

If you have this situation we can help. Call us at (888) 610-2466 or email us at info@TrafficTicketsDismissed to resolve your problem.

Traffic Tickets

If you are looking for a traffic ticket attorney Los Angeles is a great place to start.



Actually whether you got your traffic ticket in San Diego, San Francisco or you have LA traffic ticket we can help you fight them. We support the entire state of California. Although you are welcome to, there is no need to drive to our office. Most customers contact us by phone or email and then forward their paperwork by fax, email or regular mail and we take care of their traffic tickets for them. We accept debit and credit cards, checks, money orders and Paypal. We can also help you finance the entire expense and you will have 6 months to pay without interest.

We have a flat fee of $159 for a single violation ticket. Each additional violation on the same ticket is $100. This simple fee structure is one of the lowest in the industry.

Our headquarter is in Chino, California and we are adding offices all the time. We are registered with San Bernardino county and permitted to do business all over California.

No Interest!


Currently interest free financing is available for a short period. This promotional financing is called “Bill-Me-Later” and it is available for qualified customers. You can enjoy interest free financing for 6 months. When your ticket is dismissed the court will refund your bail. You can pay the lender back or spend it any way you wish.

Money Back Guarantee

Your traffic ticket is a legal case and no one wins 100% of legal cases. Even though we try our best we lose a few cases for various reasons. If that happens we refund your fee after deducting a small amount for our expenses. Helping customers dismiss their tickets is all we do so we have a bit of expertise in it. We could not survive for 7 years in the business if we could not get the tickets dismissed and save you hundreds of dollars.

Utilizing our services does not cause you to lose any options. If we are unsuccessful, not only  that we will refund your fee as described above, but you can request a brand new court trial where you get to cross examine the officer who wrote the ticket. We will prepare you about what to say  and what not to say in the court. You can also go to traffic school if you are otherwise eligible.

Call us today at (888) – 610-2466 or email us at info@TrafficTicketsDismissed.com.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Hire Us Now!

All it takes is a phone call to let us help you with our ticket dismissal services. You do not need to drive to our office unless you really want to. If you do want to visit our office then call us first since clients are seen by appointment only. We do not charge for personal meetings but if you make an appointment and do not show up, there will be a $50 fee.

We do many things that other companies in this business do not do.

  • Our phones are answered 24X7 by human beings.
  • We accept debit and credit cards, checks, money orders and PayPal for your bail and fee.
  • We send documents to the court by Priority Mail and provide you a tracking number.
  • Many customers do not wish to use their address. In those cases we use our address to correspond with the courts.
  • In many cases you do not have to wait for the courtesy letter to arrive in the mail. Just sign up with us and we will do the rest.
  • Our fee is among the lowest in the business.