Tickets In Collection

About tickets in collections.

When you fail to dismiss traffic ticket for a certain length of time the court turns your ticket over to GC Services, a collections agency. There job is to collect money, period, not to serve justice. We can help with traffic ticket quickly and easily. Call us to discuss as every situation is unique.

People call us to get their traffic tickets dismissed even when they are in collections. Clearly there is no guarantee on the outcome of a legal case. Of course, we do everything in our power to dismiss them but too many variables can cause the case to derail and you end up paying some fine. However, what we can do is get the ticket out of collection and schedule a court trial. Call us today at (800) 301-6220 as each situation is different and often requires a different solution. We can provide help with traffic ticket.

And Los Angeles traffic attorneys would agree that is not the end of the road. After the ticket has been in collections for certain amount of time the court will direct DMV to suspend your license. You will first receive a warning letter with the date of suspension. If you still do not contest your traffic ticket, your license will be suspended. We can help with that situation too.

Some people still will not act. The court will finally issue a bench warrant for you. This means that if they find you anywhere, you will be picked up. You do not have to be driving. You could be in a supermarket and a police officer notices that there is a warrant for you, you will be picked up. Best thing to do is not wait that long and take care of the problem immediately.

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