Routine Traffic Tickets

For routine traffic tickets like a speeding ticket, illegal turn ticket, running a red light, camera ticket, no stop before turning right ticket and many others we charge a fee of $159.  This fee does not apply to delinquent tickets. We work hard to construct a defense with your help that will get the ticket dismissed. Hire us to dismiss traffic ticket with confidence. Majority of the traffic tickets dismissed with no fine. See the About Us page to read about how we get your ticket dismissed.

The fee includes all of the following:

  • Discussing the situation with you.
  • Collecting the paperwork and the payment from you.
  • If necessary, requesting discovery data from the citing agency*.
  • Preparing a Trial By Written Declaration form.
  • Sending the form for your signature.
  • Preparing a winning testimony.
  • Sending it to the court by Priority Mail.
  • Sending you the tracking number.

We need the paperwork from you at least 2 weeks before your court date. Express service is available for a non-refundable fee of $65.

In most cases we will obtain a time extension from the court if you are eligible at no cost to you.







*Speeding cases require this step if an electronic device was used to determine your speed.

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