Traffic Tickets Dismissed Money Back Guarantee

Traffic Tickets Dismissed is happy to coordinate all of your related correspondence and activities with the court such as obtaining forms, preparing documents, dispatching mail, requesting discovery and more, so you don’t have to. You will not even have to go to court.




Our fee structure is very straight forward and simple. To fight traffic ticket our fee is only $159 as long as your court date has not passed yet. If it has then the fee $249. This fee structure is unheard of in the industry and we deliver same or better results. But let’s face it. Your ticket is a legal matter and when it comes to legal matters no one wins 100% of the time. Occasionally, we are unable to have the ticket dismissed. In that case our work is free because we issue to you a coupon good for our service on another ticket in the future. The coupon is transferable so you can pass it on to a friend or a family member.

We need your paperwork at least 3 weeks before your court date. Express service is available for an extra fee of $65. Express fee is not refundable.

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