Customer Comments

​Good News Travels Fast; Bad News Travels Faster!

From time to time we hear from our customers via letters, emails and phone calls. Frequently, they are “Thank You” notes or “Job Well Done” phone calls or emails. Either way, it makes our day. It is the best measure we have to determine how well we are doing. Following are some excerpts from our customers’ letters and quotes from their phone calls and emails.

“I got a speeding ticket driving 80 over 65 limit. Just heard from the court the ticket is dismissed. What a lovely new year present.”
Syed R.

“This was my 2nd ticket this year. I am glad I stumbled upon this website.”

Raz M.

“I thought these services didn’t work until I got a dismiss letter from court”
Gail M.

“My husband submitted two tickets I received. Both were dismissed. Awesome”
Farha Z.

“Thanks for setting the record straight. I entered the intersection on  yellow!”
John L.

“Your number is on my speed dial now. Thanks.”
Zack A.

“Yeah the ticket is dismissed. I am going to tell all my friends about you guys.”
Fatima Z

We have many more testimonials on file.