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We think our customers are our biggest asset. At Traffic Tickets Dismissed we treat every customer like you are our ONLY customer. Since our company opened its doors, we have treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, less expensive than others and come with a personal touch. Of course you always have our iron clad guarantee. Your ticket is dismissed or your money back. Click here for details.


How Do We Get Your Tickets Dismissed?

We get asked often “How To Dismiss Traffic Ticket?”.
Every traffic ticket is put through a three step process. First we put the ticket under a microscope to see if any errors were made when the officer wrote that ticket. Not just obvious errors but seemingly small but legally unacceptable errors. We find these errors and point them out to the court. In many cases the ticket is dismissed solely on the basis of these errors. For example wife got the ticket while she was driving husband’s car and the officer checked a box on the ticket that says “registered owner is the same as the driver”. This would be a case for dismissal and a savings of hundreds of dollars.

Second, we look at the vehicle codes that the officer says you violated. Sometimes the code used by the officer is totally incorrect and does not reflect the true situation. For example, the officer may use a code that says that the driver was driving unsafely on the highway and it turns out the driver was not on the highway. We then ask for dismissal.

Third, we use our knowledge of the law to justify your innocence.We are constantly referring to the California Vehicle Code book and analyzing the vehicle codes. You must be guilty of all segments of the code for which you are alleged, for the court to consider you guilty.For example, if the law says “you must stop when facing a circular red light” and the light you are accused of running is oval in shape we point it out and claim that the law does not apply.

For more information watch short video on our —– page. That video is produced by a former police officer and it is full of useful tips.


How Long Does It Take To Get The Ticket Dismissed?

‚ÄčIt takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks for the entire process. The court will promptly notify you of its decision and then it may take another 4 weeks for the court to refund your bail. In California all courts require that you post bail before your case is heard. The amount of bail is the same as the fine. When the ticket is dismissed the bail is refunded. In these economic times it is difficult of some customers to come up with the funds. In that case you can use your credit card or we get it financed for a small fee and no interest for 6 months.

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